Why your employees' nutrition matters

Did you know that illness (both mental and physical) costs UK businesses £77.5 billion per year?

That's money lost through absenteeism and diminished productivity.

But that's also the price we're paying for low energy levels, ineffective immune systems, poor mental health, and generally a low standard of well-being.

Nutrition is not a panacea for curing all of our ailments, but modern research continues to underline the importance of good food in all areas of our physical and mental wellbeing.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has found that optimal nourishment can raise national productivity levels by 20%. In short, investing in your employees' nutrition makes business sense.

I deliver bespoke workshops in-office or via webcam on a range of health topics:

  • nutrition for mental health
  • how to eat for a stronger immune system
  • feel more energetic with food
  • nutrition and gut health
  • sustainable weight-loss
  • improving sleep
  • reducing stress
  • exercise for physical and mental health

Each workshop is specifically tailored to whichever topics you and your employees would find most valuable.

I not only deliver science-based nutrition education that will last employees for the rest of their lives, but also deliver ACTIONABLE advice on lifestyle changes that they can make today.

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Feedback / Testimonials

Frankie Just Gets It

I was really nervous about hiring a coach… I’ve always been really self-conscious, and to be honest I was worried that asking someone to help me with my weight loss would come with a hefty dose of fat-shaming. The thing about Frankie is that she’s been overweight before – she just gets it, and she does everything with kindness.


What More Could You Ask For?

I think what worked so well for me was the fact that Frankie’s coaching is the perfect mixture of compassionate and straight-talking. Sometimes I find it hard to judge when I need to be tough on myself, and when I need to rest and give myself a break. Frankie just takes the guesswork out of everything!



I’VE LOST 20KGS!!! I honestly never thought I would feel this good about my body. Thank you Frankie!


Just What I Needed

I have PCOS and I’ve struggled with my weight for almost two decades. I’ve had a couple of coaches before, but no one really had enough of a grasp of nutrition to help me out with my hormonal-related weight problems. I’m just so happy I found Frankie!


I wouldn’t go anywhere else

I was so tired of being told one thing about nutrition by one person, and then being told the exact opposite by someone else. There’s SO much information and misinformation out there! Hiring Frankie, with her ridiculous number of qualifications, diplomas, and years of experience, was honestly the greatest investment I’ve ever made for my health. I’ve lost 12kg and I feel phenomenal!


Couldn’t have done it without Frankie

My problem was that I KNEW that endless cardio and calorie restriction wasn’t the right way to go, but I didn’t have the confidence or knowledge to try things any other way. Coached by Frankie 100% took me by the hand and lead me to my goals the right way. I’m so grateful!


Such a great coach!

I’ve learned so much about food, and about myself, while working with Frankie. It’s impossible to put a price on that.


Would Highly Recommend!

Frankie honestly has so much knowledge. Do what she says and, whatever your goals is, you’ll achieve it – it’s that simple!


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